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Your Universal zk-Identity and Financial Passport

Simplifying DeFi and Web3 with Self-Sovereign Omnichain Identity and Trust

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At ZERO, we believe in a future where you have complete control over your digital identity and can navigate the DeFi and Web3 world with confidence.

We achieve this through a suite of core functionalities designed to streamline identity management and empower you financially.


Issue and verify zk-proof self-sovereign credentials for use anywhere.

Our omIDs empowers you to verify sensitive information about yourself without revealing the underlying details.


Access, manage and control your digital identity on any wallet across chains.

Your omPassport is an SBT to verify your credentials onchain and secretely links all your wallets together.


Make seamless & borderless payments through gasless abstraction.

omBalance gasless abstraction removes the complexity of onchain payments, allowing you to access seamless payments and subscriptions.


Secure your identity, and your funds using secure passkeys.

We safegaurd your identity, recovery phrases, and assets using secure encryptions with passkeys to provide sovereignty & recoverability.

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